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                                               Welcome to VFW Camerado Post 10165

  On this page of our website you will find news of our most recent events, announcements of upcoming events, our meeting and breakfast times and place, mailing address, etc.  Check out the "About,and "Photos" pages for more information about our Post. The "calendar" page is now up and running; if you have anything to add to the calendar, call or e-mail Dave Sauvé, our Post Adjutant and website administrator.  ."  

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Check out the "Communications" page for current messages from our Post Commander, Adjutant and Service Officer 

   Any member who is not on our e-mail list and wishes to be added to the list please contact Adjutant Dave Sauvé at (530) 622-2564 or at our Post e-mail address:  vfw10165@yahoo.com
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Next monthly meeting ~ Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020.  No social hour at this first meeting while still under COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations.  The abbreviated business meeting!starts right at 6:00 PM.in the lounge at the Veterans Memorial Building. No meal after the meetings until restrictions are relaxed further.

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    Sunday breakfast ~ Our Second Sunday Community Breakfast is on hold until the COVID-19  restrictions and regulations are eased.

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Check out the Calendar page and the "Adjutant's Corner" on the Communications page for upcoming June, 2020 meetings, ceremonies and celebrations.

     Current Post officers - Rear row, left to right - Quartermaster Amber Squier, Trustee Rich Heller, Trustee Joe Young, Commander Bob Kinzel, Chaplain Jim Goodspeed, Junior Vice Commander Veronica Salter, Officer of the Day Don Johnson, Senior Vice Commander Leonard Squier III.  Front row, left to right - Adjutant Dave Sauvé, Service Officer Rich Meagher, Trustee Don Browne and Surgeon Leonard Squier IV.



  The kitchen and dining room crew at one of our recent Second Sunday Community Breakfasts saluting a "Quilts of Valor" award winner.  Left to right - Trustee Rich Heller, Commander Bob Kinzel, Guard (and "Kitchen Commander) Glenn Lewis, member Bob Walsh, member Dennis Haas, Adjutant Dave Sauvé, member Bill Vannow, Service Officer Rich Meagher.

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           Commander Kinzel opened the meeting at 7:01 PM with 24 members and 2 guests present.  All Officers were present.  We recognized two VFW Commemorative events, 3/24/89 - the start of the Kosovo campaign, and 3/31/98, the end of Operation Restore Hope (Somalia).
     The minutes of the 2/4/20 meeting were approved as published and the Quartermaster's report was approved as read by QM Squier (subject to audit).  Service Officer Meagher thanked Victor Mansfielf for delivering several loads of firewood to a local disabled veteran and Dennis Haas for trimming trees for the veteran.. He also detailed the ongoing "firewood for vets" program. 
       It was reported that Dick Akin's wife Neva is doing fine at home after a pacemaker installation is resting comfortably.  Len Squier III is going through some medical challenges and will soon receive additional diagnoses.  Joe Young got home from the hospital yesterday.  Victor Mansfield reported that he will be contacting our various locations regarding the "Buddy Poppy" fundraiser drive on Memorial Day weekend.  Chaplain Goodspeed remembered our National Home for Children at 7:17 PM.
       Under unfinished business, Dick Akin reported that MG Collins uniform display in the East Room of the VMB has been completed and his family will soon view the installation - all veterans and organizations will be notified of the date.  Commander Kinzel gave a short bio of our "Scout of the Year" candidate, Jacob Van Spanje.  He has already been accepted at West Point.  Adjutant Sauvé moved and SVC Salter seconded a motion to award him $250.00. Motion passed unanimously.  SVC Salter also mentioned possibly having a meeting/potluck at her ranch in May.
      Under new business, the first round of nominations for Post officers for the 2020-2021 year took place.  Commandere - Bob Kinzel.  SVC - Veronica Salter.  JVC - Jim Wassner.  Quartermaster - Amber Squier.  Trustees will remain the same.  Jason Shepherd will take over as Chaplain for Jim Goodspeed, who will move over to Service Officer.  Len Squier IV will continue as Surgeon.  Adjutant Sauvé moved to partially sponsor a Placerville Parks and Rec sorftball team composed of 70% local veterans and our member Craig Lorenzi to the tune of $500.00.  Jason Shepherd seconded and the motion passed.  Jaspm Shepherd ,pved tpo fimd SO/JA Meagher's $700.00 van repair.  The motion passed with several abstentions.  
      Good of the Order included a show of hands to staff the upcoming 3/8/20 Sunday breakfast.   We need some members to step up and run for Post officer positions for the next year.  The next round of nominations for officers will be held at the 4/7/20 monthly meeting.  Adjutant Sauvé thanked all the Post members who participated in the floor recoating project at the VMB.  He also mentioned that he and Steve Blackstock represented the Post at the dedication ceremony for the Veterans Memorial Bridge in El Dorado Hills on 2/25/20.  SVC Salter mentioned free carriage rides in downtown Placerville every first tuesday, and Commander Kinzel offered his excellent book, "The Toll it Took" on a loan-out basis.
       The closing prayer was offered by Chaplain Goodspeed at 7:55 PM and Commander Kinzel adjourned the meeting at 7:56 PM.  Mac McAdams provided delicious corned beef, a cabbage stew and a spicey potato salad for our after-meeting meal. 
        Next meeting is Tuesday, 4/7/20. 

                                                        Dave Sauvé, Adjutant