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Welcome to VFW Camerado Post 10165

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Next monthly meeting ~ Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020.  Social hour starts at 6:00 PM, business meeting at 7:00 the lounge at the Veterans Memorial Building.

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    Next Sunday breakfast ~ Sunday, March 8th, 2020 at the VMB ~ 7:00 AM start.  Call Kitchen Commander Len Squier IV (647-2547) to help.

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Check out the Calendar page and the "Adjutant's Corner" on the Communications page for upcoming February, 2020 meetings, ceremonies and celebrations.
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     Post members and some of the award recipients at our annual Awards Ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Building on January 28th 2020.  Left to Right - Jason Shepherd, James Pullin from Sierra Ridge Middle School, Rich Heeller, Dennis Haas, JVC Jim Wassner, SVC Veronica Salter, Lauralee Flannery, Aedyn Caron from Ponderosa High School, Abigail Mulhollen from Sierra Ridge, Commander Bob Kinzel,  Service Officer Rich Meagher, Chaplain Jim Goodspeed and Adjutant Dave Sauvé




Left - Our "Teacher of the Year" award winner Kim West of Sierra Ridge Middle School and Commander Kinzel.  Right - Diane Hernancez of the Placerville Garden Club, Commander Kinzel, SVC Veronica Salter and Susie King of the Placerville Garden Club at our 1/28/20 Awards Ceremony.

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    Our Service Officer/Breakfast Cashier Rich Meagher reports that our 2/9/20 "Second Sunday Community Breakfast" was an outstanding success!  We fed 166 adults, 9 workers and 4 paid children.  The brisk, windy weather didn't seem to affect the turnout adversly, and two Quilt of Valor presentations helped!  We had plenty of help in the kitchen and dining room. Thanks to all who pitched in!


   Veterans from our kitchen, dining room staff and customers saluting Post member Steve Blackstock at his "Quilt of Valor" award at our 5/12/19 breakfast.  Left to Right: Trustee Rich Heller, Commander Bob Kinzel, Guard Glenn Lewis, Post member Bob Walsh, member Dennis Haas, Adjutant Dave Sauve, Post member Bill Vannoy and Service Office/Judge Advocate Rich Meagher.

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           Commander Kinzel opened the meeting at 7:02 PM with 19 members and 1 guest present.  We introduced and installed a new life member in the Post - Army veteran (38 years) Lauralee Flannery.  All officers were present or accounted for. 
     The minutes of the 1/7/20 meeting were approved as published and the Quartermaster's report was approved as read by QM Squier (subject to audit).  Service Officer Meagher thanked Victor Mansfielf for delivering two loads of firewood to a local disabled veteran. He also detailed the ongoing "firewood for vets" program. 
       It was reported that Dick Akin's wife Neva had just returned home from Marshall Hospital where she had a pacemaker installed and is resting comfortably.  Chaplain Goodspeed mentioned that he has air-ambulance decals for those who signed up for the program.  Also, a new Boys and Girls Club had opened up in Georgetown and they need donations of office and living room type furniture.
       Under unfinished business, Commander Kinzel gave an after action report on our 1/28/20 Awards Ceremony.  Over 50 people were in attendance and he thanked all members of the Post who showed up.  The recipients and their families were all appreciative and the event was a big success.  We voted on and approved various motions to fund donations to the Placerville Garden Club, EDVR for ED Transit tickets and their food for veterans program, and to reimburse Commander Kinzel for his expenses for the Awards Ceremony. 
      Under new business, JVC Jim Wassner let us know that his "Safe-T" non-profit organization is getting some excellent print publicity, and he thanked the Post for our financial support and encouragement.  We need a nominee for BSA "Scout of the Year."  Adjutant Sauvé has the contact information for the Eagle Scout who built and donated the two flag retirement boxes at the VMB.
      Good of the Order included a show of hands to staff the upcoming (2/9/20) Sunday breakfast and mention of a Concert to Benefit Veterans on 2/22/20.  We need some members to step up and run for Post officer positions for the next year.  The first round of nominations for officers will be held at the 3/3/20 monthly meeting.  SVC Veronica Salter will provide the nourishment for that meeting and the food will be served during the social hour (6 PM - 7 PM).  Commander Kinzel adjourned the meeting at 7:42 PM and Adjutant Sauvé won the 50/50 attendance drawing. Steve Blackstock won an extra drawing for two tickets to a Crab Feed at the Fairgrounds on 2/29/20 that were donated by SVC Salter. We enjoyed outstanding spaghetti prepared by Mac McAdams with bread on the side by Joe and Sue young and excellent home-made chocolate chip cookies by Steve Blackstock after the meeting.   
      Next meeting is Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020.
Dave Sauvé, Adjutant