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     On this page of our website you will find news of our most recent events, announcements of upcoming events, our meeting and breakfast times and places, etc.  Check out the "About" and "Photos" pages for more information about our Post.  The "Calendar" page is now up and running; if you have anything to add to the calendar, all or email Dave Sauvé, our Post Adjutant and website administrator.

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Check out the "Communications" page for current messages from our Post Commander, Adjutant and Service Officer...check out the links at the bottom of this page for the VMB calendar, VFW national HQs and EDC Veterans Affairs!

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Any member who is not on our email list and wishes to be added to the list please contact Adjutant Dave Sauvé at (530) 622-2564 or at our Post email address: vfw10165@yahoo.com

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Our next monthly meeting is Tuesday, September 1st, 2020.  No social hour at the next meeting while still under COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations.  The abbreviated meeting starts at 6:00 PM in the lounge at the Veterans Memorial Building.  No meal after the meeting until restrictions and regulations are relaxed.

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Sunday Breakfast - Our "Second Sunday Community Breakfast" is on hold until the COVID-19 restrictions and regulations are eased.

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     Our new (2020-2021) Camerado Post 10165, VFW Commander - Command Sergeant Major Leonard Basil "Mac: McAdams.  Mac is an Army veteran of the Vietnam, Kosovo and Afghanistan conflicts. 

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    Left to right - Chaplain Jason Shepherd, Past Post Commanders Dennis Haas, Jim Goodspeed, Bob Kinzel, Dave Sauvé and current Post Commander "Mac" McAdams after the presentation of the Past Post Commander recognition letters signed by our VFW National Commander at the 8/4/20 monthly meeting,

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     Commander McAdams opened the meeting @ 6:05 PM with 17 members present.  Chaplain Shepherd read the opening prayer @ 6:09 PM.  We recognized several VFW commorative dates:  8/4/20 - U.S. Coast Guard birthday, 8/8/20 - Purple Heart Commemorative Day, 8/9/20 VJ Day (Surrender of Japan in WWII), 8/14/20 - Navajo Code Talkers Day, 8/16/20 - National Airborne Day, 8/20/20 - Marine Reserve Forces Day.  All officers were present except Trustees Rich Heller and Don Browne, Surgeon Len Squier IV and OOD Don Johnson.  All were excused.

     Service Officer Goodspeed reported on the defensible space clearing project for a veteran couple in Georgetown.  The mission was completed without financial assistance from Georgetown VFW Post 9241, but all subsequent requests for help in this area WILL be referred to the VFW Post 9241.  Under Comrades in Distress, Adjutant Sauvé announced that member YunJue Wu had delivered twins on March 20th and passed around pictures.  SO Goodspeed gave an upbeat report on Bob Burrow and Dick Akin mentioned the Bob Pomeroy (VFW Post 2680) memorial service on 8/12/20 and relayed the latest status of MCL Detachment 697 long time member Mike Day. 

       No committee reports, but under unfinished business, JA Meagher moved to fund a set of tires for a homeless and partially disabled veteran he his assisting.  Adjutant Sauvé seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  PPC Bob Kinzel inquired about the MFSG/EDVR food giveaway program and was informed that the Wednesday "drive by" food distribution to veterans and ended in mid-June, but that the VMB free food pantry was still in operation from 8:00 AM to noon Monday through Friday.

     Under New business, Service Officer Jim Goodspeed offered to take over the Color Guard and coordinate graveside and memorial service events from Dick Akin.  Commander McAdams appointed his to head the unit and recruit participants from the membership.  Chaplain Shepherd and Commander McAdams presented Past Post Commander certificates signed by our National Commander, along with gift cards to Sourdough restaurant to Past Post Commanders Dennis Haas, Bob Kinzel, Dave Sauvé and Jim Goodspeed.  JA moved, with a second by Trustee Joe Young to reimburse Chaplain Shepherd for the gift cards.  Motion passed unanimously.

       Under Good of the Order, Adjutant Sauvé mentioned an invitation that the Post had received to participate in and/or bring a recruiting and information presence to a local neighborhood beanbag/corn hole tournament in El Dorado in September. There was some good response and we will address this again at our September meeting.  SO Goodspeed presented the Post with a beautiful cut glass punch bowl with 12 matching cups with "history" donated to the Post by the Girl Scout troop that he and wife Dee had been working with for years. SVC Salter announced that she will be working for the U.S. Census and mentioned job opportunity for anyone ableand interested.

       Chaplain Shepherd read the closing prayer at 6:45 PM and Commander McAdams adjourned the meeting at 6:47 PM. Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 1st.  

Dave Sauvé, Adjutant