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     On this page of our website you will find news of our most recent events, announcements of upcoming events, our meeting and breakfast times and places, etc.  Check out the "About" and "Photos" pages for more information about our Post.  The "Calendar" page is now up and running; if you have anything to add to the calendar, all or email Dave Sauvé, our Post Adjutant and website administrator.

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Check out the "Communications" page for current messages from our Post Commander, Adjutant and Service Officer...check out the links at the bottom of this page for the Veterans Memorial Building calendar, VFW national HQs and EDC Veterans Affairs!

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Any member who is not on our email list and wishes to be added to the list please contact Adjutant Dave Sauvé at (530) 622-2564 or at our Post email address: vfw10165@yahoo.com

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       Our next monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021.  Social hour has been reinstated - 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  The business meeting starts at 6:00 PM,  We meet in the lounge of the Veterans Memorial Building.

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     Sunday Breakfast - Our "Second Sunday Community Breakfast" returned with a vengeance on Sunday, July 4th.  We did some extensive local advertising and posted on a variety of social media sites, as well as offering a free American flag to all attendees as a promotion.  The advertising, word of mouth and the 'promo' worked almost too well!  We set an all-time attendance record of 240 meals served, including workers.  Thanks to all who pitched in - it was a great effort by the kitchen and dining room crew to keep up with the "rush."  We held the "reopening" breakfast on the first Sunday instead of the usual second Sunday because FRA Branch 275 wanted to participate in the Pollock Pines 4th of July parade.  We will return to the second Sunday for our breakfast in August, which will be Sunday, August 8th.


Part of the Sunday breakfast kitchen and dining room crew saluting a "Quilt of Valor" recipient at one of our breakfasts.  L to R - Trustee Rich Heller, PPC Bob Kinzel, Guard Glenn Lewis, Bob Walsh, Dennis Haas, Adjutant Dave Sauvé, Bill Vannoy and Rich Meagher

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    Our Post 10165 well represented at the dedication ceremony for the "Blue Star Memorial Byway" plaque at the EDC Veterans Memorial Building.  L to R - Service Officer Jim Goodspeed, Buddy Poppy Chairman Victor Mansfield, PPC Bob Kinzel, SVC Veronca Salter, Commander "Mac" McAdams, Adjutant Dave Sauvé and Steve Blackstock.

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         Commander McAdams opened the meeting at 6:01 PM with 20 members and two guests present.  All officers were present except Trustee Joe Young, who was excused.  Chaplain. Shepherd recited the opening prayer at 6:04 PM.  The minutes of the 6/1/21 meeting were approved as published and the Quartermaster's report was approved (subject to audit) as read by QM Squier.  Both motions to approve passed unanimously.

     Service Officer Goodspeed reported that Lance Poinsett of the EDC Veterans Service Office is retiring on July 9th.  He also mentioned that any veteran with at least a 50% disability is eligible for a free pass to all California State parks.

      The only comrade or family of comrade in distress is our Post Suegeon Len Squier IV, who had an unfortunate encouter with a ladder and the solid ground beneath it, but how was present at the meeting and recovering.  His injuries didn't prevent him from making the huge shopping trip to restock for our first Sunday breakfast in 15 months.

        Chaplain Shepherd rmembered our National Home for Children at 6:11 PM.

        Old business: Adjutant Sauvé gave an extensive "after action report" on our July 4th Sunday breakfast, our first breakfast in 15 months.  Due to extensive local print advertising, lots of social media mentions and word of mouth and our "free American flag" promotion, we experienced record breaking attendance July 4th.  We served 240 meals, including workers.  He thanked all who participated and outlined their contributions:  Steve and Jeanne Blackstock, Veronica and John Salter, Vic Mansfield, Joe and Sue Young, Dennis Haas, Glenn and Debbie Lewis, Lauralee Flannery, Bill Vannoy, Rich Heller and Bob and Cathy Kinzel.  Special recognition to Bob Kinzel, who, due to a disfuncional dishwashing maching, washed all the dishes, utensils, and pots and pans by hand!

        New business: We voted to donate to Sue Karrer, one of our long-time breakfast servers, to help her cover her moving and clean up expenses, as well as reimbursing SO Goodspeed for his assistance with grocery expenses for Chef Leo's "No Vet Goes Hungry" program.  We also paid our bond fees to VFW Department of CA (no vote required).  The date of the Post picnic has been changed to Sunday, September 26th due to the fact that the property at SVC Salter's ranch is too hot and dry for a picnic in July.  More on this at the Augustg and September meetings..

      Under Good of the Order, SO Goodspeed gave us a rundown on the EDC Veterans Service Office staffing and procedures.  Richard Todd is the acting VSO since the retirement of Lance Poinsett.  Walk-in appointments are available on Tuesday and Thursday; appointment only M-W-F. Chaplain Shepherd announced a free breakfast for veterans and their families at Vantage Point Church on Saturday, 7/17/21.  He also showed and explained some pictures and a huge flag from the USS Sampson that a USN veteran donated to the building.  The "Capital Air Show" is also returning to Mather AFB on September 24, 25 and 26.  Trustee Paul Denny mentioned an MP braizard from 9th Infantry Division that has been retired that he will bring to the next meeting to donate to the VMB. Chaplain Shepherd read the closing prayer at 6:42 PM and Commander McAdams adjourned the meeting at 6:45 PM.  Next meeting is 8/3/21.  OOD Don Johnson won the 50/50 attendance drawing.

    Dave Sauvé, Adjutant