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     On this page of our website you will find news of our most recent events, announcements of upcoming events, our meeting and breakfast times and places, etc.  Check out the "About" and "Photos" pages for more information about our Post.  The "Calendar" page is now up and running; if you have anything to add to the calendar, all or email Dave Sauvé, our Post Adjutant and website administrator.

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Check out the "Communications" page for current messages from our Post Commander, Adjutant and Service Officer...check out the links at the bottom of this page for the Veterans Memorial Building calendar, VFW national HQs and EDC Veterans Affairs!

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Any member who is not on our email list and wishes to be added to the list please contact Adjutant Dave Sauvé at (530) 622-2564 or at our Post email address: vfw10165@yahoo.com

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       Our next monthly meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, June1st, 2021.  Social hour has been reinstated - 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  The business meeting starts at 6:00 PM, and we will try to provide an after-meeting repast of some sort.  We meet in the lounge of the Veterans Memorial Building.

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Sunday Breakfast - Our "Second Sunday Community Breakfast" is on hold until July.  We intend to start up again on Sunday, July 4th or Sunday, July 11th, with set-up on  preceding Saturday mornings.

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    Our Post 10165 well represented at the dedication ceremony for the "Blue Star Memorial Byway" plaque at the EDC Veterans Memorial Building.  L to R - Service Officer Jim Goodspeed, Buddy Poppy Chairman Victor Mansfield, PPC Bob Kinzel, SVC Veronca Salter, Commander "Mac" McAdams, Adjutant Dave Sauvé and Steve Blackstock.

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     December 12th, 2020 - Steve Blackstock, Chaplain Jason Shepherd (Mission Commander) and Service Officer Jim Goodspeed at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery participating in the "Wreaths Across America" project.  Good job, gentlemen!

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         Commander McAdams opened the meeting at 6:10 PM with 20 members, 1 guest and one new member present.  All officers were present except JVC Jim Wassner, who is in the process of moving and was excused.  Chaplain. Shepherd recited the opening prayer at 6:14 PM.  The minutes of the 5/4/21 meeting were approved as published and the Quartermaster's report was approved (subject to audit) as read by QM Squier.  Both motions to approve passed unanimously.

       New member Alois "Al" Zajek, a Vietnam U.S.M.C. veteran.  Adjutant Sauvé moved and there were several seconds to welcome Al into the Post.  Motion passed unanimously. Commander McAdams announced and displayed another generous donation check from Melanie Reagan and The Colonel Renee Rubin Private Foundation to the Post.  

     Service Officer Goodspeed reported that Lance Poinsett of the EDC Veterans Service Office is retiring this month, and to beware of recent scame regarding getting VA claims expedited for cash.  He announced that the Post summer picnic scheduled for 7/17.21 will be held at SVC Salter's ranch instead of the Marshall Monument Park.  More on this under unfinshed business.

     There were no comrades or family of comrades in distress noted,  Buddy Poppy Chair Vic Mansfield announced that our Memorial Day fundraiser did very well in spite of the fact that we had only two stores to work with this time around,  Holiday Market in Pleasant Valley cancelled due to continuing COVId-19 precautions here in El Dorado County.  He thanked all participants in the fundraising effort.

        Chaplain Shepherd rmembered our National Home for Children at 6:30 PM.

        Old business: It was decided after some discussion to reinstate our Sunday Community breakfast on Sunday, July 4th.  We will be taking FRA Branch 275's first Sunday slot for July only, then go back to doing our breakfast on the second Sundays.  SO Goodspeed kinformed us that "Chef Leo" will coof for the 7/17/21 picnic and the post will fund the cost of the food.  Alcoholic beverages will be BYO.  The picnic will be at SVC Salter's ranch from 1/PM to 3 PM and the Post will cover the cost of a "Port-A-Potty" to save wear and tear on the septic system at the ranch.  We can borrow tables and folding chairs from the VMB for the event.  More details, a finalized menu and maps will dealt with at the next (7/6/21) monthly meeting.  We will also finalize plans for the memorial service for our departed comrade Bob Burrow in Hope Valley on 7/26/21.  SO Goodspeed also reminded us that he needs to be relieved of duties regarding assembly and deployment of honor guards and arranging memorials or graveside services.

        No new business tendered.

      Under Good of the Order, Adjutant Sauvé reported that he had sent the appropriate thank you letters  to the two Ace Hardware stores that had donated 400 new flags for the flags and crosses project.  He also thanked all who participated in flags and crosses installation and retrieval at 11 local Western slope cemeteries on 5/27/21 - Bob Kinzel, Steve Blackstock, SVC Salter, and Jason Shepherd. Also thanked all who participated in the "Blue Star Memorial Byway" plaque at the Veterans Memorial Building on 5/28/21. Chaplain Shepherd read the closing prayer at 6:48 PM and Commander McAdams adjourned the meeting at 6:50 PM.  Next meeting is 7/6/21.  New member Al Zajek won the 50/50 attendance drawing.

    Dave Sauvé, Adjutant