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Any member who is not on our email list and wishes to be added to the list please contact Adjutant Dave Sauvé at (530) 622-2564 or at our Post email address: vfw10165@yahoo.com

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     The  regular September monthly meeting scheduled for 9/7/21 was cancelled due to the VMB parking lot being commandeered by CalFire and USFS for the Incident Command Center for the Caldor fire.  Myself, Commander McAdams, QM Squier, JVC Wassner, Service Officer Goodspeed, Vic Mansfield Trustees Denny, Heller and Young met in an "executive board" scenario in the East room on 9/7 to pay bills and take care of other pending business. 

      We moved and approved motions to reimburse SO Goodspeed for supplies and gas mileage incurred in assisting "Chef Leo's "No Vet goes Hungry" effort, Adjutant Sauvés publicity expenses for cancelling the Sunday breakfasts (split with FRA Branch 275), and Victor Mansfield's travel expenses.  We also approved a substantial donation to the VFW National Home for Children, which Adjutant Sauvé will hand deliver during his upcoming trip to Michigan.  

         The twice delayed Post Summer Picnic was cancelled.  Next regular monthly meeting is Tuesday, October 2nd.   (Submitted by Dave Sauvé, Adjutant) 

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     Sunday Breakfast - Our next "Second Sunday Community Breakfast" was scheduled for Sunday, September 12th.. It has been cancelled for the same reason as our September monthly meeting (see above).  Hopefully we can put on our next Second Sunday Community Breakfast on Sunday, October 10th.

Commander McAdams and wife Melanie (4th and 5th from left) and friends enjoying the 8/1/21 "First Sunday Community Breakfast" put on by FRA Branch 275

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Check this out....submitted by Service Officer Jim Goodspeed

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    Our Post 10165 well represented at the dedication ceremony for the "Blue Star Memorial Byway" plaque at the EDC Veterans Memorial Building.  L to R - Service Officer Jim Goodspeed, Buddy Poppy Chairman and Post Judge Advocate Victor Mansfield, PPC Bob Kinzel, SVC Veronca Salter, Commander "Mac" McAdams, Adjutant Dave Sauvé and Steve Blackstock.

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         Commander McAdams opened the meeting at 6:02 PM with 20 members and  guest present.  All officers were present except Trustee Rich Heller, who was excused.  Chaplain. Shepherd recited the opening prayer at 6:04 PM.  The minutes of the 7/6/21 meeting were approved as published and the Quartermaster's report was approved (subject to audit) as read by QM Squier.  Both motions to approve passed unanimously.  We welcomed new "ransferred in" member Lewey Channel, a U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran.  

     Service Officer Jim Goodspeed reported on the Bob Burrow ceremony that was to be held in Hope Valley.  The event was cancelled due to fire and smoke from the Tamarack fire.  The burial flag was eventually presented to the family at the Veterans Memorial Building.  Jim also reminded us that 50% disabled veterans are offered free camping at state parks not only in California, but also in several other states including Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.  Rich Meagher mentioned a local veteran's wife that would welcome the donation of a vehicle needing repair to fix up for transportation of her diabled husband.

      No injured or in distress comrades or family members were reported, and no active committee reports.

        Chaplain Shepherd rmembered our National Home for Children at 6:18 PM.

     Old business: Adjutant Sauvé asked for a volunteer to learn the art of gravy making for the breakfast under the tutelage of Sean Conley-Widing of FRA Branch 275.  Lauralee Flannery graciously raised her hand.  Sean will also be making home-made biscuits for our 8/8/21 breakfast as an experiment.  There will also be a Quilts of Valor Foundation quilt show in the lounge of the VMB during our 8/8/21 breakfast.  There was additional discussion on the Post picnic, now scheduled for Sunday, 9/26/21 at SVC Salter's ranch.  Dickey's BBQ will cater the chow.  Water, soda, tea, etc. will be provided by the Post.  Adult beverages are BYO.  

        New business: PPC Bob Kinzel moved to transfer a significant amount of funds from our relief fund to the general fund to alleviate an imbalance.  Rich Meagher seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  

      Under Good of the Order, Trustee Paul Denny mentioned a free breakfast for veterans and their families at the Vantage Point Church on Adler Lane from 10 AM to Noon on Saturday, 8/28/21.  Adjutant Sauvé then performed a short version of the Installation of Officers ceremony for the 2021-2022 year, officially installing the elected and appointed officers of the Post.  Chaplain Shepherd read the closing prayer at 6:45 PM and Commander McAdams adjourned the meeting at 6:47 PM.  Next meeting is 9/7/21.  Chaplian Shepherd won the 50/50 attendance drawing.

    Dave Sauvé, Adjutant