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     On this page of our website you will find news of our most recent events, announcements of upcoming events, our meeting and breakfast times and places, etc.  Check out the "About" and "Photos" pages for more information about our Post.  The "Calendar" page is now up and running; if you have anything to add to the calendar, all or email Dave Sauvé, our Post Adjutant and website administrator.

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Check out the "Communications" page for current messages from our Post Commander, Adjutant and Service Officer...check out the links at the bottom of this page for the Veterans Memorial Building calendar, VFW national HQs and EDC Veterans Affairs!

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Any member who is not on our email list and wishes to be added to the list please contact Adjutant Dave Sauvé at (530) 622-2564 or at our Post email address: vfw10165@yahoo.com

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Our next monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 6th, 2021.  We will probably have a "business only" meeting again starting at 6:00 PM in the lounge at the Veterans Memorial Building. We will not have the traditional 5:00 PM social hour or the after-meeting communal meal until the COVID-19 restrictions are eased even further, hopefully by the May 4th meeting.

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Sunday Breakfast - Our "Second Sunday Community Breakfast" is on hold until the COVID-19 restrictions and regulations are relaxed further.

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     Our new (2020-2021) Camerado Post 10165, VFW Commander - Command Sergeant Major Leonard Basil "Mac" McAdams.  Mac is an Army veteran of the Vietnam, Kosovo and Afghanistan conflicts.  (Photo of all 2020-2021 Post officers on "About Us" page)

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     December 12th, 2020 - Steve Blackstock, Chaplain Jason Shepherd (Mission Commander) and Service Officer Jim Goodspeed at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery participating in the "Wreaths Across America" project.  Good job, gentlemen!

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         Commander McAdams opened the meeting at 6:02 with 14 members present.  All officers were present or accounted for, with JVC Wassner, Trustees Heller and Young and Guard Lewis excused.  The minutes of the 11/3/20, 12/1/20, 1/5/21 and 2/2/21 monthly meetings were approved as published and the Quartermaster's report was approved (subject to audit) as read by QM Squier.  Both motions to approve passed unanimously.

     Service Officer Jim Goodspeed reported that he had a supply of blue blazers available. He also reported that comrade Bob Burrow had passed away, and that Bob's son had taken a supply of Bob's hand finished walking sticks to the Army Museunm in D.C. and passed them out to veterans there.  Bob's family has requested that we help with military honors at a remembrance ceremony in Hope Valley at a place and time TBD this spring.  Jim also has a line on discounted tree trimming and brush clearing services.  We voted to charge Jim with delivering the flag (flown over the Capitol in D.C.) to the Boys and Girls club without ceremony.

     There were no comrades or family of comrades in distress noted, and no committee reports.  Chaplain Shepherd rmembered our National Home for Children at 6:17 PM.

        Old business:  SO Goodspeed mentioned that JA Meagher had asked for help with moving expenses and would present invoices for us to consider.  No invoices provided as of yet.

      Under new business, SVC Salter proposed that the coordinate with her Placerville Garden Club to clean up and landscape the County land between the VMB parking lot and Armory Drive with possible help from the membership.  This suggestion was well received.  She also mentioned a program being offered by District 17 to assemble "Buddy Poppies" at home to benefit the Post.  She will participate and asked others to consider it.  SO Goodspeed moved to fund a program being administered by EDVR to provide a mobile kitchen for our member Chef Leo Cooper and his "Feed the Vets" program.  Jim read a list of items that were needed and a dollar figure, Adjutant Sauvé seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  JA Rich Meagher suggested donating to the Upper Room and the EDC Food Bank, and we tabled that issue until the next meeting. 

      We also conducted the first round of nominations for Post officers for the 2021-2022 year.  Nominations were as follows:  Commander - Leonard "Mac" McAdams; SVC - Veronica Salter; JVC - Jim Wassner; QM - Amber Squier; Chaplain - Jason Shepherd; Trustee - Bob Kinzel, Rich Meagher, Paul Denney.  Second round of nominations will take place at the 4/6/21 monthly meeting.

       Under Good of the Order, Adjutant Sauvé mentioned the business cards that he passed out before the meeting and encouraged membership to access the Post website regularly as a source of information.  Commander McAdams mentioned that we had received our 100% membership streamer from VFW National and congratulated the Post.  Chaplain Shepherd read the closing prayer at 6:46 PM and Commander McAdams adjourned the meeting at 6:47 PM.  Next meeting is 4/6/21..

    Dave Sauvé, Adjutant