VFW 10165

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We meet on the first Tuesday every month in the lounge at the El Dorado County Veterans Memorial Building, located at 130 Placerville Drive, Placerville, California

Social hour begins at 5:00 PM, business meeting at 6:00 PM in the lounge at the VMB

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Contact us by email at vfw10165@yahoo.com 


Commander - Leonard "Mac" McAdams - (530) 798-6688

Adjutant - Dave Sauvé - (530) 622-2564

Quartermaster - Amber Squier - (530) 647-6541

Service Officer - Jim Goodspeed - (530) 748-9445

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Veterans Memorial Building Council

 Recap of the 7/1/21 monthly meeting

     All Officers were present  and all organizations were represented.  We had no guest speakers before the business meeting, but American Legion and MCL Detachment 697 Service Officer David Zelinsky sent an email message to be read regarding his latest activities.  He related the tale of two successful cases of assisting local veterans and their families over five years ago and the positive feedback he received one day recently regarding those two cases.  "Twice blessed in one day" was the way he put it.

   New FY 21-22 Chairman McAdams opened the business meeting at 6:07 PM with 7  in attendance.  Trustee Mansfield moved, seconded by Bill Fiedler of VFW Post 2680 to approve the minutes of the 6/3/21 monthly meeting as composed and published by Secretary Sauvé.  Secretary Sauvé moved and Bill Fiedler seconded a motion to approve the Treasurer's report, subject to audit, as prepared by Treasurer Sweet.  Both motions passed unanimously. 

    Building Manager's report:  After the roll call of organiztional events for July, 2021, Secretary Sauvé gave the building manager's report.  He reported that he had been negotiating with EDC Facilities regarding the cost of installation of the new flagpole along the fince line on Placerville Drive for the "Spaceforce" flag.  Facilities wants the EDC VMB Council to pay the County $900.00 for the installation or install the flagpole with volunteers.  Neither of these things are going to happen.  Negotiations continue.  There has been no progress on the reinstatement of the policy  of the County providing the VMB with bathroom and janitorial supplies.  Another situation "on hold" waiting for action from the County.  We are also still waiting for reimbursement from the County for the Council's paymjent for the 2021-2022 liability insurance policy.  Donations to the Council from community organizations, individual donors and the FRA 275 Auxiliary dance continue.

     EDC Veterans Service Office report:  No representative from the office per se in person, but the EDC Veterans Services Program Manager Richard Todde sent an email that reported that Lance Poinsett is retiring from the VSO on 7/9/21 , and that the VSO is in the process of recruiting a Senior Veterans Service Rep (Lance's replacement) and recruiting for a Veterans Service Representative. 

    New business: Trustee Mansfield gave us a short update on the controversy about the placement of the plaque honoring U.S. Navy Captain Paul Jacobs at the EDC Veterans Monument.  The solution is still in flux.  One possibility, according to Roger Reynolds, is a separate stone monument in lieu of on the honor wall itself.

    Good of the Council:  Services for Mike Day, MCL Detachment 697, are at the Dixon Veterans Cemetery tomorrow, 7/2/21.  Attendance is limited. Chairman McAdams suggested that the Council honor retiring VSO Lance Poinsett with a plaque to be presented atg the 7/11/21 FRA breakfast.  Trustee Mansfield graciously raised his hand to procure said plaque from Arnolds for Awards. Chairman McAdams adjourned the meeting at 6:25 PM.   Next meeting is 8/5/21

                                                          Dave Sauvé, Secretary 

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