VFW 10165

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We meet on the first Tuesday every month in the lounge at the El Dorado County Veterans Memorial Building, located at 130 Placerville Drive, Placerville, California

Social hour begins at 5:00 PM, business meeting at 6:00 PM in the lounge at the VMB

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Contact us by email at vfw10165@yahoo.com 

USPS mailing address:  P O Box 788, Diamond Springs, CA 95619-0788


Commander - Leonard "Mac" McAdams - (530) 798-6688

Adjutant - Dave Sauvé - (530) 622-2564

Quartermaster - Amber Squier - (530) 647-6541

Service Officer - Jim Goodspeed - (530) 748-9445

Chaplain - Al Zajec - (650) 787-3793

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Veterans Memorial Building Council

 Recap of the 9/1/22 monthly meeting

     All Officers were present except Chairman- Treasurer Sweet, who was excused. All organizations were represented.except for FRA Branch 275. Vice Chair Seth Culver of VFW Post 2680 chaired the meeting.

  There were two guests via email submissions:  1) David Zelinski wrote describing the circumstances and problems of four of his recent clients and possible reolutions or solutions.  2) John Poimiroo of the EDC Veterans Commission described the planned activities for the Veterans Day ceremony at the El Dorado County Veterans Monument.  He also asked the Council to provide a member to a committee to name a 2022 "Veteran of the Year" and Veterans Service and Support candidate for presentation at the ceremony.  We asked Trustee Victor Mansfield to represent us in that capacity and he agreed to do so.  Adjutand Sauvé will inform Mr. Poimiroo of this decision and give him Victor's contact information.

    Vice Chair Seth Culver opened the business meeting with the flag salute and pledge of allegience at 6:10 PM, with a total of 7 in attendance. Secretary Sauvé moved, seconded by Trustee Mansfield, to approve the minutes of the 7/7/22 monthly meeting as composed and published by Secretary Sauvé.  Motion approved. (NOTE - there was no August meeting due to failure to form a quorum, therefore no meeting notes for 8/22)  The Treasurers report was accepted as prepared by Treasurer Sweet, subject to audit, on a motion by Secretary Sauvé and a second by Mac McAdams.  Motion approved.

        See the calendar page for local veterans organization's event and meeting schedule.

    : Building Manager's Report:  Dave Sauvé reported that we had received three donations to the Council last month, and that we would have another community organization using the VMB starting in October, the Placerville Arts Association, which will be meeting once a month in the lounge.  

       Veterans Service Office Report:  No representative from the Veterans Service Office, therefore no report.

        No Unfinished business.  

    New Business;  Allen Amaro of DAV Chapter 63 mentioned that the "Camp LeJune water contamination case" which has been prominently promoted on TV is a legitimate enterprise, both he and Trustee Mansfield warned not to jump the gun on making a claim, as there may be offset issues regarding VA benefits,  Roger Reynolds noted that he had been in touch with Richard Todd in regards to determining what County funds were available to the Council.  He will follow up on this.  Anita Hibbard of VFW Post 2680 Auxiliary brought up the subject of redecorating, cleaning and painting the dining room,  Secretary Sauvé suggested that the Council could provide the paint but the organizations would need to provide a work detail.  Organizations should mention this project and solicit volunteers to provide a workforce at their monthly meetings.

      Good of the Council: Secretary Sauvé moved to adjourn, Trustee Mansfield seconded, and.Vice Chairman Culver adjourned the meeting at 6:21 PM after a final flag salute.  Next meeting is 10/6/22,

                                            Dave Sauvé, Secretary