VFW 10165

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We meet on the first Tuesday every month in the lounge at the El Dorado County Veterans Memorial Building, located at 130 Placerville Drive, Placerville, California

Social hour begins at 5:00 PM, business meeting at 6:00 PM in the lounge at the VMB

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Contact us by email at vfw10165@yahoo.com 

USPS mailing address:  P O Box 788, Diamond Springs, CA 95619-0788


Commander - Leonard "Mac" McAdams - (530) 798-6688

Adjutant - Dave Sauvé - (530) 622-2564

Quartermaster - Amber Squier - (530) 647-6541

Service Officer - Jim Goodspeed - (530) 748-9445

Chaplain elect - Al Zajec

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Veterans Memorial Building Council

 Recap of the 5/5/22 monthly meeting

     All Officers were present. All organizations were represented.

  There was one guest: Anita Hibbard of VFW Post 10165 Auxiliary announced that the auxiliary had been rechartered and that they would like access to one of the cabinets in the dining room.  Building manager Sauvé said he would make that work.

    Trustee Vic Mansfield opened the business meeting at 6:02 PM, as Chairman McAdams was running late, with a total of 12 in attendance.  "Mac" arrived shortly thereafter and took over the Chair. Treasurer Sweet moved, seconded by Trustee Young, to approve the minutes of the 4/7/22 monthly meeting as composed and published by Secretary Sauvé.  Motion approved.  The Treasurers report was accepted as presented by Treasurer Sweet, subject to audit, on a motion by Secretary Sauvé and a second by Trustee Mansfield.  Motion approved.

         See the calendar page for local veterans organization's event and meeting schedule.

    : Building Manager's Report:  Dave Sauvé reported that the ducts, fans, vents, etc in the kitchen had been steam cleaned on 4/27/22.  There will be a celebration of life for George Visman at the VMB on 5/22/22.  The mobility equipment has been removed from the East room...thanks Tim Whalen.  There are now three dance groups using the East room weekly and donating to the Council.

       Veterans Service Office Report  VSO Terry Thomas reported that the office had hired one new Veterans Service Representative, but the second prospect did not pass the background check so they are still seeking another VSR.  He gave us the impressive statistics on traffic through and paperwork processed in April at the VSO, and mentioned that the VA and the "Hiring our eroes" program have partnered in a new 12-month rapid training program.  He also mentioned that HYD mortgage qand education benefits had been extended.  

     Unfinished business:  Roger Reynolds announced that the Sgt. Tubbs concert had been cancelled..

       New Business;  Trustee Mansfield of MCL Detachment 697 mentioned  that they would be working the parking lot for the EDC County fair on 6/16 - 6/19/22 and has a sign-up sheet for all organizations to help out and share in the parking lot revenue.  See him at the end of the meeting or at the 6/2/22 meeting.

      Good of the Council: . Allen Amaro of DAV announced that there was a new medal available and that all of us are eligible - the Cold War Medal.  Chairman McAdams and Secretary Sweet announced that FRA Branch 275 was cancelling their 1st Sunday breakfast and asked if any of the other organizations was enterested in picking it up.  No response.  Secretary Sauvé moved to adjourn, Allen Amaro seconded and Chairman McAdams adjourned the meeting at 6:37 PM after a final flag salute.  Next meeting is 6/2/22,

                                            Dave Sauvé, Secretary 

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