VFW 10165

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We meet on the first Tuesday every month in the lounge at the El Dorado County Veterans Memorial Building, located at 130 Placerville Drive, Placerville, California

Social hour begins at 5:00 PM, business meeting at 6:00 PM in the lounge at the VMB

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Contact us by email at vfw10165@yahoo.com 

USPS mailing address:  P O Box 788, Diamond Springs, CA 95619-0788


Commander - Leonard "Mac" McAdams - (530) 798-6688

Adjutant - Dave Sauvé - (530) 622-2564

Quartermaster - Amber Squier - (530) 647-6541

Service Officer - Jim Goodspeed - (530) 748-9445

Chaplain - Al Zajec - (650) 787-3793

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Veterans Memorial Building Council

 Recap of the 7/7/22 monthly meeting

     All Officers were present and all organizations were represented.

  There were two guests.  Eric Nelson of MCL Detachment 697 gave a long dissertation on the subjects of eligibility for recognition on the EDC Veterans Monument, the fact that the EDC Veterans Commission needs representation from the chartered local veterans organizations and the need for the EDC VSO to 'stand alone' as a county entity rather than be attached to HHS.  Secretary Sauvé read an email from David Zelinsky about the travails of two of his recent contacts and he also mentioned a handout he provided to the Council members from John Poimiroo regarding the current criteria for inclusion on the wall and the EDC Veterans Monument.

    Chairman Sweet opened the business meeting with the flag salute and pledge of allegience at 6:122 PM, with a total of 17 in attendance. Trustee Mansfield moved, seconded by Trustee Young, to approve the minutes of the 6/2/22 monthly meeting as composed and published by Secretary Sauvé.  Motion approved.  The Treasurers report was accepted as presented by Treasurer Sweet, subject to audit, on a motion by Secretary Sauvé and a second by Trustee Mansfield.  Motion approved.

         See the calendar page for local veterans organization's event and meeting schedule.

    : Building Manager's Report:  Dave Sauvé reported on four donations to the Council last month  and displayed the 2022-2023 EDC Health Permit received last week.  He also detailed some timely repair work in the kitchen and men's room by a new EDC Facilities maintenance man and added that we need an additional daily building manager for two Tuesdays each month (8:00 AM to noon).  Applications, nominations or suggestions, contact him.

       Veterans Service Office Report  VSO Terry Thomas reported that he attended the 7/6/22 meeting in the East room regarding EDC Veterans Monument criteria and appeals proceedures, and the possibility of the VSO overseeing these issues.  196 claims were submitted to the VSO last month, with significant monetary awards for both original claims and appeals cases.  The South Lake Tahoe satelite office of the VSO now has a representative in place two times a month.  Also, the VA has a new "chat app' on the VA website.

     Unfinished business:  Trustee Mansfield reminded us that MCL Detachment 697 needs help manning the parking lot for the EDC County fair (6/16 - 6/19/22).  See him to sign up, and also bring it up at your monthly meeting.  

       New Business;  DAV Chapter 63 Commander Allen Amaro opened up what turned out to be an extended discussion that included a number of subjects including the installation criteria for the EDC Veterans Monument, how to fix problems and inconsistencies in this area and who has authority.  The conversation veered into descriptions of the history of the Monument, the roll and makeup of the EDC Veterans Commission, the VSO returning to 'stand alone' status instead of being administered as part of HHS.  Participants in this long, winding debate included Roger Reynolds explaining how the Commissioners are vetted and selected, Rich Buchanan on history of the monument, Eric Nelson, and Ken Schoniger detailing a possible ballot initiative that he authored to put various aspects of these issues to a public vote.  The "bottom line" throughout all of this rhetoric is that the chartered local veterans organizations need to get involved with the EDC Veterans Commission as member, attendee, or commentator at the meetings.  Our input is needed.

      Good of the Council:  Trustee Mansfield announced that the MCL Detachment 697 was making a significant donation to the Council from their fundraising effort in renting out the parking lot duting the EDC County Fair last month.    Secretary Sauvé moved to adjourn, Trustee Mansfield seconded, and.Chairman Sweet adjourned the meeting at 6:57 PM after a final flag salute.  Next meeting is 8/4/22,

                                            Dave Sauvé, Secretary 

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