VFW 10165

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We meet on the first Tuesday every month in the lounge at the El Dorado County Veterans Memorial Building, located at 130 Placerville Drive, Placerville, California

Social hour begins at 5:00 PM, business meeting at 6:00 PM in the lounge at the VMB

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Contact us by email at vfw10165@yahoo.com 


Commander - Leonard "Mac" McAdams - (530) 798-6688

Adjutant - Dave Sauvé - (530) 622-2564

Quartermaster - Amber Squier - (530) 647-6541

Service Officer - Jim Goodspeed - (530) 748-9445

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Veterans Memorial Building Council

 Recap of the 8/5/21 monthly meeting

     All Officers were present except Trustee Young and Treasurer Sweet, who were excused. All organizations were represented except for FRA.  We had one guest speaker before the business meeting, Service Officer Jim Goodspeed of VFW Post 10165.  Jim updated us on the progress of the project to get a pad levelled and a storage shed installed on the South siude of the lower parking lot for Chef Leo Cooper's mobile kitchen and cooking equipment.  Price for the project has escalated during the delay.  After some discussion it was decided to table the issue until the 9/7/21 meeting.

    Chairman McAdams opened the business meeting at 6:10 PM with 10 in attendance.  Trustee Mansfield moved, seconded by Bill Fiedler of VFW Post 2680 to approve the minutes of the 7/1/21 monthly meeting as composed and published by Secretary Sauvé.  Motion approved unanimously.  There was no Treasurer's report due to the absence of  Treasurer Sweet.

    Building Manager's report:  After the roll call of organiztional events for August, 2021 Secretary Sauvé gave the building manager's report. He made a motion to allow the "Main Street Strollers" dance club to use the East Room for their Friday night dances.  They have several veterans in their club and also will donate to the Council as their benefit to local veterans.  Victor Mansfield seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  He also noted that the FRA Branch 275 Auxiliary dances on Saturday nights have generated significant donations to the Council every month.  MCL Detachment 697 and FRA Branch 275 will have parking lot fundraising duty for the Dru Diggens music festival on August 27 & 28.

     EDC Veterans Service Office report:  Acting VSO Richard Todd addressed three issues that have been outstanding for months between the county and the Council:  reimbursement of our payment of the liability insurance for the VMB is still a work in progress, with the question of whether we need aut and liquor liability coverage included in the policy.  It has been decided that the county will install the 6th flagpole ikn the upper parking lot for the U.S. Space Force flag.  We will NOT be getting restroom and janitorial supplies from the county as has been the practice in the past.  Rich also reported that John Brown has been promoted to Senior Veterans Service Representative and that they are looking for another VSR to replace him.  They are revamping their website to be launced next week, and there is a new Deputy Director at EDC HHS.

     There was no unfinished business tendered.

     New business: Rich Todd has in hand a request from a female veteran for help with her son's college expenses.  Information is scant on the request, and he will investigate and forward the info to Secretary Sauvé for disbursement to the organizations.  Chris Cockrell, sitting in for Roger Reynolds, gave a brief report on the EDC Veterans Commission activities, including the news that the Captain Jacobs plaque had been approved for installation and was installed on the honor wall at the EDC Veterans Monument that day.  The Commission is also rolling out in the next 60 days a program recognizing and promoting veteran owned local businesses.  Secretary Sauvé read and email from MCL Detachment 697 and American Legion Service Officer David Zelinsky..

    Good of the Council: Acting on a motion by Secretary Sauvé, Chairman McAdams adjourned the meeting at 6:40 PM.   Next meeting is 9/7/21

                                                          Dave Sauvé, Secretary 

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